Teaching Models

以開展教學和本著以學生需求為本位的教學經營理念。 過去、現在和未來,大西華語文將持續孜孜不倦,任重而道遠。 The cultural mission: The basic business premise for TaiSiHua Language Center is to promote Chinese teaching based the individual requirements of each student. During the past, in the present, and into the future, the TaiSiHua Language Center will relentlessly pursue this goal.

經驗豐富的老師是本班成功的核心。 師資群在正式開始教學之前都要接受大量集中的強化培訓課程。

The outstanding quality:
Experienced teachers are the core of success of this Center. Before any teacher can begin teaching, concentrated and extensive training is required. The TaiSiHua Language Center places importance on not only the educational background of its teachers but also their classroom teaching ability. The majority of teachers have B.S. degrees in Chinese or English literature. This extensive training enables the teachers to enhance their teaching methods as they become familiar with the materials.

高品質的教師團隊。 獨特的教學體系和教學方法。 與時俱進出版了實用性華語系列教材。

The advantages:
-the high quality of the team of teachers at the TaiSiHua Language Center; -the unique teaching system and teaching method of the TaiSiHua Language Center; -the use of updated and practical Chinese language teaching materials.


Class size:
individual classes, self-formed group class, group program (3-8 students). The total class hours can be more than 15 hours per week, and the content of each class is highly flexible in order to satisfy the requirements of students.


Teaching materials:
the teaching materials are divided into three different levels: basic, intermediate, and advance. The basic level starts with listening, speaking, reading, and writing instruction.

本班除採直接教學,更針對學生施以適當之教學對策。 初級班學生,一般說來特別著重發音基礎的強固、語調的自然流利、句構的活用。 中級以上學生則注重各種會話練習、故事說寫、專題討論、文章習作等。 各班學生均有課後作業,每課學完後亦有隨堂測驗,每門課程學至一段落時,教師則給予大考測驗,測驗項目包括口試、筆試、聽寫等。

Teaching Methods:
For beginners, special attention is given to the correct pronunciation of Chinese tones, accuracy with the four tones when reading Chinese characters, fluency with tones,and the usage of everyday sentence structures. In addition, in order to help students understand the characteristics of Chinese pronunciation and avoid the undue influence of an individual teacher,the Center changes teachers every semester in order for students to be exposed to different teachers methods.For students above the intermediate level, the emphasis is placed on conversation practice, storytelling, topic discussion, and writing. Students at all stages are given exercises for after-class practice. Quizzes are give after every lesson. At specific stages in the curriculum, an oral, written, and listening comprehension examination is conducted.